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Chimney sweeping

   Fireplace/stove cleaning removes creosote in order to ensure safe operation and prevent deterioration. We employ a guaranteed "no mess" cleaning method. First, we place tarps on the floor in front of the fireplace and in high traffic areas. The chimney is then cleaned from the bottom. We use specialized tools to clean the firebox, smoke chamber, damper, smoke shelf (behind the damper), and flue liner. While all this is being done we use a specially equipped vacuum to control/eliminate any dust migration.This process can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.
   Furnace, boiler and water heater flue cleanings are performed from the inside and outside. We start by removing the connector pipes and removing any debris, the flue is then brushed from the top of the chimney and all additional dislodged material removed and raincover re-installed.
   Dryer vent cleaning involve sliding the dryer back to access the vent pipes/connections, a high powered vac/blower is connected to the vent system and pipes are brushed to remove any accumulated lint build-up.

Exterior Repairs

   Tuck-pointing, crown repairs or replacement,chase top repair or replacement,flashing repair,attic fan or vent repair or installation, we can handle most repairs and anything that requires a professional mason-we have several with many years of experience on call.We are experts at finding and fixing leaks, especially the ones the roofer says are not roof related.We offer Crown and Masonry waterproofing also.


   Most liners are long, flexible tubes that fit right down your flue and are sealed at the top and attached to your heating appliance. They increase the efficiency of your furnace or fireplace by increasing the draft, thus safely removing gases from your home. There are several liner types on the market today, we use stainless steel or aluminum liners and we will recommend the best liner system for your fireplace or heating system,ensuring that it is the correct size for your needs based upon height,firebox area,or BTU output of your system to promote maximum efficiency. 

Chimney Covers, Bird/Animal Screening, High Efficiency Lock-Top Dampers, Exhausto Fans

   Birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals sometimes nest in chimneys and cause problems such as noise, smell and disease. Infestation occurs when animals move into chimneys, particularly chimneys without caps on them. A professional chimney sweep can clean the chimney ridding it of animal nests, build up of creosote or any other problem causing an odor, but Installing a chimney cap will prevent animals from entering the chimney in the first place. A chimney cap will also stop water, (rain and snow) from entering the chimney, preventing water damage at the source. When your original damper breaks or fails to seal adequately it can be replaced with a lock-top damper allowing proper control of air flow/loss.When your fireplace refuses to draft, installing an exhausto-fan will cure the problem.


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